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"We are one of the leading water and wastewater treatment companies based in Vijayawada, specialising in the designs, production, and supply of several water treatment plants individually customized to suit your water requirements. We offer a scalable service covering single-sites through to large multi-projects, resolving customer requirements quickly and effectively to industry-certified standards."


Enjoy personalized customer service, even beyond warranty period


No Bypass. Harmful Substances removed, ensures double protection


Unique Mineraliser Technology that adds the essential minerals to water


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With our expert water treatment system, get an exclusive combination of cosmetic and technology that provides you with water that is free from dirt, iron, and hardness. Increase not only the life of your appliances and bathroom fittings but also get spot free utensil, shining clothes, silky hair, and smooth skin.

UV water purifiers use Ultra Violet radiation to eliminate viruses, bacteria, etc. and provide uncontaminated and sterilized drinking water. Safe for consumption, good for your health. Our commercial purifiers enable 5 stage purification including activated carbon and RO technology with a large purification capacity.

Get expert treatment for hard water with our range of water softeners that can make your water soft by eliminating hardness. Turbidity & physical impurities in water won’t remain a concern with the Sand Filter that eliminates the minute particles from water. Filter out the excess dissolved iron from your water.

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