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About Us

Who We Are

Water's Edge deals with only ISO Certified Products as this incorporated in the year 2012. Since its inception, we have grown to become a trusted and reputed name in the industry for Water Treatment Plants & Packaging Machinery.

The product we offer is all manufactured to meet global standards. At Water's Edge, we are sensitive to our customer needs, therefore, all our products are designed, manufactured & tested to ensure that maximum value is delivered to our customers. In addition to our standard products we also offer customized products to suit the specific requirements of our clients.

What we are

We offer various services to assist our customers from the project planning stage to the commissioning of the project. We offer consultation on Mineral water projects, Sewage & effluent treatment / Recycling Plants, Swimming Pool Filtration Plants. Our services shall include:

  • ➛ Counselling and expert advice on viability of the projects.
  • ➛ Project report & detailed project plan.
  • ➛ Design of project layout.
  • ➛ Detailed technical specifications of various machines and other utilities required.
  • ➛ Various options in machinery.
  • ➛ Delivery of various machines to the project site.
  • ➛ Installation, testing and commissioning of machines.
  • ➛ Fine- tuning and commencement of commercial production.
  • ➛ Post production counselling, market information and feedback.

The Water's Edge Advantage

At Water’s Edge, we emphasize on 3M’s i.e. Man, Machine & Methodology. Our project engineers are fully trained to deliver maximum value to our customers through proven machine & methodology. Further, the customer has the abundance of our experience to implement and improve the process through their inputs.

Our satisfied customers in India and Abroad are true testimonies to the Quality of our Products & Services.

Our Mission

We promise to sharpen our competitive edge and constantly achieve the highest standard in product quality, promote and practice environmental consciousness with excellent customer service.

Our Vision

To be a leader in our business which is crucial to a person’s life and the environment.

Product Range

We offer our customers a range of machinery on a “plug & play” basis

  • ➛Proportional, Automatic / Electronic Dozers.
    ➛Sand Filters/ Carbons Filters/Softeners.
    ➛Reverse Osmosis Systems / Ozone Generator.
    ➛De – Mineralization/ De- Lanization Plants.
    ➛Micron Filters/ Water Polishers/bag Filters.
    ➛Ultra Violet Disinfection Systems.
    ➛Pet Bottle Blowing Machines – Fully & Semi-Automatic.

➛Pouch Filling Machines.
➛Semi / Fully Automatic Glass/ Cup Filling & Sealing Machines.
➛Fully Automatic 20 Ltrs Jar filling & Sealing Machines.
➛Ink Jet printing Machine for Batch Coding.
➛Swimming Pool Filtration / Effluent / Sewage Treatment Plants.
➛Semi/Fully Automatic Rinsing, Filling & Capping Machines for       Mineral Water and PET Soda as per ISI specification.

President Statement

No matter where we live, water affects us all. It seems one thing is clear, that water is changing and some thing is not quite right with it. The World is like a human body, water is our blood. Everybody Knows what happens when you put poison in your blood. Every one knows but 1.1 Billion people whose blood is (literally) made up of this water have an astonishing ability to forget that especially if they are living in villages, they still drink straight from the pond.

Enduring so many stresses that it may be nearing “irreversible collapse" and this collapse will probably come in a non-linear way, not a continued slow decline but a sudden crash. My hope for Water’s Edge, as a Chairman Managing Director is the same as it is for every new water treatment unit, “To take the people to a familiar place and help them see it for the first time."

Water's Edge Water Solutions - In Search of Excellence